It has come to my attention that my life has got to the point where I find myself sitting in the darkened cinema room, my popcorn in hand, slushy in its holder, hoping and praying not to be disappointed. I love the cinema. In fact, I beyond love the cinema, I reckon I could go as far to say I adore it. The cinema is such a spectacle/event.

You drive to the designated chosen cinema. I, personally, argue how I want a small popcorn, yet the person behind the counter ends up using the killer line of: ‘It’s only 20p more for a large combo meal.’ This makes no sense. I have just had my dinner, sure the popcorn will be devoured before the adverts finish, but I would like a small taster of popcorn, kind sir/madam. To which I insist they half fill the popcorn box as one of my little bug bears is the suicidal popcorn pieces at the top that jump off to their death from the box, just not to be consumed by me, and I end up reinacting a Hansel and Gretel film.

I find myself avoiding going to the cinema with other people (minus my husband of course, who is possibly more opinionated than me) in the fear of being late or having this ridiculous wave of want come over me to ensure everyone has a great time. The last ‘family’ trip the cinema consisted of my parents, little brother, husband  and me going off to see Fantastic Beast’s and Where to Find Them… It was a truly stressful trip.

But, enough of that. Back to cinema! Popcorn! Movies!

Over the past year or so there have been very few films which have made me sit back in my chair, pull a face of approval and say wow. After watching a film I typically look at its rating to see if other people agree with me or not. I find this infuriating when I find a film that has very little style or substance gets over an 8.0 on Imdb or Rotten Tomatoes when in my eyes it is truly terrible, and I have no one but my eager husband to listen to me rant. Which is why I have turned to this new outlet… To praise and disgrace the film world that I love so much.