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Dexter, dir. James Manos Jr & John Dahl, 2006-2013

Dexter is a cleverly crafted, twisted and some-what witty series that quite frankly, I cannot stop raving about! The series can be found on Netflix, and at the moment, we are currently on season 6 of 8, participating in an enjoyable binge-watching session.

Throughout each of the series Dexter Morgan pursues a multitude of personal conflicts as he tries to balance leading a normal life with a not so normal hobby. This is no ordinary crime TV show. As a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro Police, Dexter uncovers an awful past and tries to come to terms with his inner ‘dark passenger.’ We soon learn why he is so good at his job… Dexter is a serial killer himself.

Dexter is no ordinary killer, he is equipped with a set of codes which he lives by. This itself raises conflict in the viewer, is it justified what he does? His character is so appealing that you can’t help but be on his side. Narration adds a comedic value to the series, offering the viewer an upper hand above the characters by Dexter’s side. This sparks so much tension through scenes where you get to the point where you believe that he will get caught. Each season follows Dexter’s battle with himself and we see the character develop over time, bringing to light questions of his code and those around him as he attempts to lead a ‘normal’ life. The story lines within Dexter are truly gripping and never cease to amaze and shock you.

The casting is great, not only do we follow Dexter, but also the whole homicide department with all their quirks, leading to some strong sub-plots for the series. However, I will not be forgiven if I do not mention Debra. The most annoying, self absorbed sister one could ever encounter. As soon as she steps on screen you cannot help but sigh and groan. Who knew that a woman could turn a situation round on herself so quickly? Sure, she highlights how Dexter is unemotional through her ridiculously over-dramatic, teary eyed face. How can someone be so emotional yet so manly at the same time is beyond me. Not one episode goes by where she doesn’t tear up or turn even the worse situations around on herself. If you can get through this monstrosity of a woman, then yes this is the most clever and twisted series I’ve seen in a while! And, minus the aggravating sister, is a very enjoyable and tense TV program that I thoroughly enjoy a binge session of.