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The Founder, dir John Lee Hancock, 2017

Due to the wonders of Parks & Recreation I have become a full blown fan of Nick Offerman and was undoubtedly excited to see him take on a serious role with this new film The Founder. Michael Keaton stars alongside the McDonald brothers: Dick and Mac (Nick & John Lynch) which was a match-made cast.

What begins as a tale of inspiring entrepreneurship and persistence turns into the tragedy of business and overthrowing two brothers dreams. As a viewer we cannot help but admire salesman Roy (Keaton) who is undoubtedly a clever businessman… what he wants, he damn gets. Mac and Dick battle with this hot-headed, persistent salesman which ultimately leads to their demise. You would think the plot would revolve around these two brothers who created McDonalds! But no, even they are pushed out of the screen to let Roy, “The Founder,” take the credit of such a revolutionary business of the fifties.

You feel the excitement of this new Franchise ‘McDonalds’ through the excellent casting, music and directing. The film may have been a little lacking toward the end, but all in all I found it an enjoyable drama that was quick paced with many comedic elements. In all honesty, I was pessimistic through the fact this was essentially a film about the food chain McDonald’s, but, through some great directing from John Lee Hancock the film captured more than just a franchised restaurant. It highlighted how supreme the notion of food in 30 seconds was! The Founder also highlights the difference to now. What began as a family run business full of hard graft and passion transforms into the corporate business that we now know today.