The Crown, dir. Peter Morgan, 2016

Netflix is the new age of home cinema. Some pretty incredible series have cropped up over the past few months and I am definitely one for a binge series session.
The Crown, depicts our current Queens life. My ignorance was definitely highlighted as the series began and new ‘patriotic’ feelings emerged as the series pulls on the heart and mind. There are currently three series that start just after WW2 and end in the sixties. We follow Queen Elizabeth’s growth from princess to queen with guest appearances from Winston Churchill and others alike.

The depiction this series creates that sets it apart from the run of the mill period drama are its spot on casting and fantastic screenplay. We delve into the lives of the Royals and see the impacts of Elizabeth becoming queen on the whole family, for better or for worst.

Claire Foy, Matt Smith and John Lithgow steal the show within the series having captured the pure essence of their characters. The balance of creating a powerful and emotive that keeps you hooked has been cleverly crafted and I, for one,  am definitely excited for the next few chapters ahead.